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From Creator To Consumer

Content Monetization Built With Common Sense

Is there a Better Way to monetize your content?

That was our starting question. How can small/independent content creators do what they love and still make a living from it?

We set out to build a solution that was better than Advertisements, Subscriptions, or Conglomerates. Monitization built with Common Sense that works for both content creators and content consumers.

Monetize Image
Monetize Image

Goal #1: Your Brand matters most

There are, what we call Conglomerate Websites, that create an easy way for you to publish your content. Are you building your own brand or are you building theirs? They define how your content looks, which looks the same as everyone else. You are at their mercy when they decide to change their terms of service or monetization model.

Goal #2: Create Your Content for everyone

It takes time to create content why limit it to a small percentage of your total audience? Membership/Subscription sites do that.

Imagine instead of dividing your time focusing on writing content only for members, you focus on creating great content.

Dropping Coin works perfectly with Membership/Subscriptions in a way that well, makes common sense. Our goal is to enhance and grow your monthly revenue.

Monetize Image
Monetize Image

Goal #3: Build relationships with Your Audience

You create to build a loyal audience. Do you have a relationship with them?

On conglomerate websites, you may not even have visibility to who is visiting your page and enjoying your content.

Dropping Coin works off to the side so as not to get between you and your audience.

Goal #4: Monetize on your terms

Monetization is the hard.

Ads are inconsistent, low streams of revenue. They look horrible. More and more people (and browsers) are installing ad-block technology.

Conglomerate websites take a large chunk of the revenue and divvy up the rest between everyone based on views, claps, or other voodoo.

Membership/Subscriptions attract a small percentage of your total audience and have a high percentage of churn. You'll be spending more and more time trying to recruit subscriptions to grow your monthly recurring revenue.

Is it better when you can monetize your site on your own terms? That's content monetization built with Common Sense.

Monetize Image
Monetize Image

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As we get closer to beta, we want to work with great content creators to help test Dropping Coin. We'll reach out to sites on our list to start.

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